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Our Brianna Horse Turnout Sheet is perfect for cool weather and rainy days. It is not only durable but also waterproof and breathable, ensuring your horse stays comfortable in changing seasons. The high shoulder gussets provide great mobility for your horse, while the high neck and large tail cover offer extra protection. Plus, the lining over the shoulders, mane, and tail helps prevent chafing. With its light 50g filling, it offers versatility for fluctuating temperatures. It can be worn alone or layered over our Millie Stable Blanket to add extra warmth on colder days.  The tail strap has a plastic cover for easy cleaning. It's ideal for spring and fall or mild-winter climates.

The Knitted Lined Brianna is particularly nice for horses that are body clipped, while the Woven Lined Brianna is great for all coats, clipped or not.

Please Note: If you have a slightly smaller horse, choose the size smaller.

Brianna Horse Turnout Sheet

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