• Non-irritating, clinical strength poultice that provides fast relief to the most vigorous of athletes by helping to prevent and reduce swelling in the lower the limbs.
  • A silky smooth, cooling clay that is easy to use alone or under wraps and, once dry, simply brush off. No scrapping involved!
  • Impressive ability to reduce discomfort from inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments, while also doubling as a hoof pack to prevent soreness and draw out abscesses.
  • Contains no lobelia and meets common regulatory requirements for competitors.

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice is a high grade clay poultice that is easy to apply and remove. Made with bentonite clay, it provides the ultimate combination to cool and draw heat from muscles, tendons and ligaments. This clinical strength poultice delivers fast results but also remains gentle enough to use on horses that are chemically sensitive. Containing only herbal ingredients and free of lobelia and capsaicin, Performance Ultra Poultice meets the regulatory requirements of many equine competitors. Designed to apply to lower limbs that commonly experience soft tissue discomfort after strenuous workouts, this poultice can also be used as a hoof pack to address sore hooves and heal abscesses.


Sore No-More® Ultra Poultice (5 lb.)