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In stock- in AU. Assorted colors and sizes in stock in USA, selection varies. Please allow up to 2 weeks- imported item. 

Hidez Compression Mask with Noise Buffering Neoprene Ears

This mask is quickly becoming a favorite with mounted shooters, racetracks, and other events where noise can create anxiety for the horse. 

The mask is the face piece that attaches to the neck. Hidez Compression Hoods/Masks help massage the poll, TMJ, and other acupressure points and endorphin release points in the head and poll, creating a relaxed, less anxious horse. 

The following are just some of the reported benefits seen from the use of Hidez compression hood:
More focus, relief to the TMJ, better flexion in the poll, less ear-sensitivity, stopped head-shaking and chomping of the bit, mouth gapping stopped, reduced anxiety, stall weaving and pacing stopped, gate issues and alleyway issues, separation anxiety, refusing to drink on the road. 


The added ears in neoprene fabric offer the same benefits as the standard masks: Calming, Focus, Stress Release with the added benefit of Noise Reduction. 3mm of neoprene for the ear fabric. .


Sizing: xs- 13-14H, small 14-15H, medium 15-16H, large 16h-17h

Hidez Masks with Ears

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