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The mask is the face piece that attaches to the neck. Hidez Compression Hoods/Masks help massage the poll, TMJ, and other acupressure points and endorphin release points in the head and poll, creating a relaxed, less anxious horse.  
The following are just some of the reported benefits seen from the use of Hidez compression hood:
More focus, relief to the TMJ, better flexion in the poll, less ear-sensitivity, stopped head-shaking and chomping of the bit, mouth gapping stopped, reduced anxiety, stall weaving and pacing stopped, gate issues and alleyway issues, separation anxiety, refusing to drink on the road. 




Masks fit based on height of horse. When doing trade shows or private fittings, I have found that horses that are right on the height of both sizes, tend to need to size down. 

For example: Mare is 15 H tall (60″), I would suggest sizing down to a small mask.  
XS Horse (same as L pony) fits 13H-14H horses
S Horse fits 14H-15H horses
M Horse fits 15H-16H horses
L Horse fits 16H-17H horses.

These items are compression and are designed to fit tight. Do not be afraid to pull or stretch the fabric to get the mask on. Once in place, adjust to fit behind the hears and around the eye holes to not rub on the inside corners of the eyes or behind the ears. 

When to use your mask: 
Hauling, Stalling, for head injuries, after chiropractic adjustment, when standing tied to trailer, during turnout for special cases. You can have your horse wear it’s mask for as little as 30 minutes or all day long. For use over 12 hours, we suggest removing the mask (pulling off like a sock), shake it out and pull back on. This helps prevent rubbing and allows you to smooth the hair back down to prevent itching.  

Please note! While we do try to keep a good variety of inventory on-hand, with the varying range of sizes and colors, we might have to order your color/size item. 

With the nature of imported items, your order can take up to 2 weeks for out of stock colors and 3-4 weeks for specially ordered prints and customs. We ship our products via USPS Mail.


Hidez Masks- No Ears

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