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Easyboot Rx

A lightweight therapy boot for stability and support, the Easyboot Rx is ideal for chronic lameness, laminitis, founder, navicular and other lower limb and hoof problems. It's an excellent choice for horses on stall rest or confined to light turnout, and reduces fatigue during trailering or for horses standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Each boot comes fitted with a 6mm Comfort Pad to provide immediate relief and additional sole support. Size up one size if you plan on using bandages or 12mm Comfort Pads.

The Easyboot Rx is not intended for riding.

As with any hoof or leg related injury, consult your veterinarian or hoof care professional for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.



Easyboot Rx - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q What is the Easyboot Rx used for?

A Lightweight and flexible, the RX is a Therapy boot designed to provide comfort and support in a variety of circumstances, from recovery after surgery, to healing from an injury or a laminitic episode, to cushioning the sole after a stone bruise, to easing heel pain.

Q What is the difference between the RX and the Cloud?

A Though they are both excellent therapy boots, the RX is designed more for stall rest and smaller turn-out.

Q Padding: Does the boot come with a pad?

A Yes, The RX comes with a 6mm medium density pad.

Q Are other pads available?

A Yes. Please click here for the list of available pads. We recommend that you work with your hoof care practitioner when deciding what pad may work best for your horse.

Q Sizing: Do I need to size up when using a thicker pad?

A If you are planning to use a thicker pad, or are bandaging, you will need to go up a size.

Q Turrnout: Can my horse be turned out in them?

A No. This boot is not as durable as the Cloud. It is designed for horses to wear post-surgery, stall rest during laminitis. You can do light hand walking in this boot.

Q Cleaning: How do I clean them?

A Clean your boots with mild soap and water and let them air dry completely before putting them back on the horse. The hook and loop straps can be cleaned with a wire brush. We recommend keeping the hook and loop material as clean as possible to ensure the fastening system works properly.

Q Can I use the Therapy Click System with this boot?

A Yes. The RX is compatible with the Therapy Click System.

    Easyboot RX

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